Jessica's viewpoint on UBS Talents Program

This summer, I was invited to join the Talents Lab program at the UBS Hong Kong office. I was joined by a group of students who were also currently studying at local universities in Hong Kong.

The program started off with an introduction to the firm and an overview of each business division. We spoke to current graduates on the talent program as well as senior members of staff from each business area. They shared their experiences of working at UBS and talked us through each of their day-to-day duties and responsibilities.

We also took part in many different workshops across the three days, which I found to be a really creative way to learn about each business function. In particular, The Trading Game stood out to me. The room was transformed into a trading scene, and we were put into groups. Each time a new piece of "news" appeared, we needed to act on the information. At once, everyone was rushing around to each trader and shouting things like "buy, buy, buy, 100! Quickly!" However, at the end of the game, almost every group had negative returns. I thought that the whole simulation was such a great way to learn about financial markets.

I learnt a great deal over the few days at UBS not only from the program, but also from the other participants. What really impressed me the most were the people and culture. I learnt first-hand how caring and collaborative everyone was. This really made UBS shine.

UBS Talents Lab in a nutshell

The three-day program gives university students an opportunity to learn more about the UBS culture, values and key business areas prior to an internship. During the course, participants learn business specific knowledge, gain soft skills training and are exposed to network building opportunities.

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