Hackathons have become a mainstay for companies and people focused on innovation. If you haven’t heard about them before, don’t worry, it’s not about illegal hacking! Hackathons (‘hacking’+’marathon’) are events where teams come together to solve problems using technology. This happens within a specified timeframe, usually with an element of competition.

At UBS, the overnight event saw colleagues from all divisions form teams to brainstorm, build and pitch innovative business ideas in just 24 hours.

All the teams had the same mission. With the clock ticking, they had to create solutions for everyday challenges that the firm faces. Most worked throughout the night and only got a few hours of sleep. Even in a global business, a ‘start-up’ atmosphere can thrive.

After the competition part of the event was over, all teams made two-minute pitches to a professional jury of judges from across UBS’s global offices.

Watch our video above to see the event unfold.

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