Experience at UBS-Fudan Program

As a student from the School of Management, Fudan University, it was an honor for me to participate in the certificate program held by UBS. The 6-month UBS-Fudan program gave me a vivid picture of how one of the world’s greatest bank works.

There are several lectures in the program and the most impressive topics for me were the first and the last ones. Our first lecturer, Eugene, introduced us to the departments in UBS, with a focus on "how to create sustainable value without losing focus on the here-and-now". He is professional, knowledgeable and full of energy.

He tells us how, with offices in 54 countries, UBS’s strategy always builds on the strengths of all of its businesses. It focuses its efforts on areas in which it excels, like Wealth Management, Asset Management and Investment Banking (and retail banking in the Swiss home market).

The last topic was an alumni sharing session. The five presenters, Eugene, Emily, Jessie, Yuanbin and Chongyu were from four different business areas and all graduated from our university. That’s why we felt connected with them. They shared their career stories and personal anecdotes with examples and sincere advice.

A team project is another essential part of the program. We formed a team of six people and selected the topic of Fintech’s impact on Chinese financial markets. I really enjoyed the collaborative spirit in our team and the project and teamwork helped expand my horizons.

We were also assigned two nice UBS mentors, Yunqing and Jack. In two coaching calls, they provided valuable advice on our research direction and answered our queries about the project.

For me, this is more than a program. It has been a pleasant journey, in which I got a complete picture of the financial services industry, understood well what UBS does, improved my research and presentation skills and got inspired by the career paths of others.

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