How to deliver in 30 seconds or less

You've worked hard, earned your way in, and now it's time to deliver….in 30 seconds or less. Whether it's part of landing a job, selling a project or promoting an idea, here's how to pitch perfect.

Know exactly what you want:

Start your prep work by clarifying your goal. Write down what you want to convey and make sure it’s emphasized when you open and close.

Master your intro and move quickly:

Plan an introduction that peaks your audience’s interest. Then be able to cover who you are, what you do and what you're looking for in a clear and concise way. Get to your main points, include the essentials and eliminate any fluff. Remember that less is more.

What's in it for them?

Understand your value proposition and communicate how they would benefit from having you join their team, adopt your idea, etc. Remember that your pitch is about them and not you.

Pause. Read the scene.

Are you coming across as credible, confident and committed? Take a moment to evaluate how you're being received and be ready to adapt if needed.

Close strong:

Finishing with a takeaway or a thought-provoking statement can be an effective way to take your pitch to the next level. Ask questions to assess the effectiveness of your pitch and prompt for next steps. Examples include questions like, "May I follow up with an email that recaps these points?" or "Are there any immediate questions that I can answer?"

Follow up:

Circle back to thank them for their time, and also use the email as an opportunity to explore next steps.

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