Are you playing hide and seek with the perfect role?

The perfect role can be hard to find, but, if you’re smart online, maybe it will find you instead! Companies are actively looking on social media for people with the skills to match vacancies. A great LinkedIn profile could open the door to a career upgrade.

In the first of a two-part series, Kamila (also the first of two) from our Global Sourcing Team will help you to create a standout profile. This team looks for the best potential candidates every day, so they know their stuff!

Take your time

Don’t rush. Your profile should be detailed. Make sure you proofread what you’ve written. Basic mistakes look unprofessional.

Location, location, location

Choose a generic location like the name of a big city in your region (if you're considering working there, of course).

Don't skip the summary

This is your elevator pitch. Use it to catch your reader’s attention, express your motivations and emphasize your strengths. Looking for a career change? The summary is the place to explain this too.

Think like a search engine

Remember that recruiters will use the search bar to find candidates. The more relevant keywords you use, the more searchable you are. For example, add Excel and PowerPoint as separate skills rather than 'MS Office.’ Listing 5 or more skills can see up to 17 times more profile views. 1


Add the languages you speak. Don't forget about your native language!

List out your responsibilities

Display all of your responsibilities for each role rather than just the job title, as these can change between organizations.

Show, don't just tell

Add samples of your work, especially if it's in a technical area or is media related.

Picture perfect

Keep your picture formal but friendly. Don't use images from a party or a wedding. Think how your industry expects you to present yourself. Profiles with a picture get 21 times more profile views.1

Be reachable

If you're actively looking for a new opportunity, make it easier for recruiters by adding your contact details. Using the privacy settings, you can set this up to be seen only by your network.

Get updates to your inbox

Connect your LinkedIn with an email account to receive notifications straight to your inbox. This way you won't miss any messages from recruiters.

Now you’ve done all that, you should have a great LinkedIn profile ready to go. It’s time to get out there and connect with your current and past colleagues.

In part 2 of this series, we’ll be talking about how to use your profile and LinkedIn as a platform to communicate and get noticed.

1 Linkedin official blog, August 2016

Kamila in a nutshell

Kamila works in the Global Sourcing team in Krakow, Poland. She helps UBS to find the best possible candidates to match our current and future vacancy requirements within Front Office Investment Banking.

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