How Internal Job Posting helped Tosin?

Previous Role:

Electronic Communications Monitoring Officer, Monitoring & Surveillance, Corporate Center

Current Role: 

Recruitment Coordinator, Investment Bank Europe, Middle East & Africa, Recruitment, Corporate Center



Why did you decide to move roles?

Being in the Monitoring and Surveillance team for over a year allowed me to hone my skills in processes and reporting. However, I felt ready to move on to another challenge. I was looking for a role that was more people-orientated and one that would allow me to collaborate with other teams. When the role in Recruitment came up, I felt like it was the right opportunity for me to pursue.

How different do you find this role compared to your previous role?

The main difference I found was the pace. My role in Compliance involved longer-term quarterly monitoring projects, whereas in Recruitment I work in a more dynamic environment.

How do you go about handling the new role?

Moving to a different area made it essential for me to understand the teams I would be interacting with, as well as to learn how to use the new systems and processes. This was made easier due to the collaborative environment I was working in and how supportive my colleagues were.

What's the best part about moving roles?

I had always been interested in being part of a function that created opportunities for people and one that was key in cultivating company culture.

What have you learned and what tips would you give to colleagues from your mobility experience?

It's important to build your professional network beyond your function. Meeting with different people in HR and finding out more about the department helped me to determine whether moving my career in this direction would be a good fit for me.

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