Andrea on making internal job movement

Developing your career at UBS doesn't have to be linear. Often, taking on opportunities in a new area can be the best way to expand your skills and knowledge within the organization. Andrea has taken on challenges in new functions and locations to broaden her experience. Read about the different experiences she had transferring internally to Asset Management (AM).

From Strategist, CIO Wealth Management Research, New York

To Strategist, Client Management & Solutions Design, Asset Management, New York

Why did you decide to move roles?

I began my career at UBS as a GTP (graduate trainee) back in 2007 and worked in a few different but related roles in Wealth Management Americas (WMA), focused on multi-asset strategy and portfolio construction. My new role within AM is a natural development from my previous positions because it allows me to leverage my experience developing investment advice for wealth management clients, while also broadening my scope and focus to include institutional clients.

How different do you find AM compared to your previous role?

I've found there are many similarities between WMA and AM – for example, from a culture perspective there is a big focus in both areas on teamwork and collaboration. The differences I see mainly revolve around how the organizations are structured and what their core business focus is.

How do you go about handling an internal move?

Looking back, I can see that the move happened rather organically. Over the years with UBS, I’ve had the chance to meet and work with a number of colleagues across different business divisions and functions. When the opportunity within AM was brought to my attention, it was a natural step to talk with the HR recruiter and begin exploratory conversations with my new team colleagues to determine whether it could be a good fit for everyone.

What's the best part about moving roles?

I've found it incredibly re-energizing to be in a new environment that takes me out of my comfort zone – working in a new business and with new colleagues – but without the potential downside of having to find my way in a totally new firm. It was great to be able to leverage my network, experience and know-how from before my move and not start from zero.

What have you learned and what tips would you give to colleagues from your mobility experience?

I have two tips – first, never be afraid to ask your new colleagues a lot of questions, but try to do it in a structured way, for example by carving out a specific time, like a coffee break, for you to tap into their knowledge. They’re there to help you and it's in everyone's interest for you to get up to speed quickly.

And secondly – and I appreciate this might not always be possible – I made my transition over the summer period and started my new role in September 2015. I established a sufficient time buffer and plan with my previous and current manager to make my transfer as smooth as possible with both teams.

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