We met up with Abhishek and Lokesh from the Technology team in India to chat about their growing friendship and how they work together.

Can you tell us about your job roles?

Lokesh – I work in Technology, in Reporting and Analysis Services (RAS). We analyze the numbers and provide commentaries to senior management and other business areas for final decision making in planning and forecasting.

Abhishek – I work in the RAS IT Reporting team, primarily responsible for preparing, reviewing and analyzing the monthly results for senior management. I manage a team of seven members with a mix of experience and academic backgrounds.

When did you first meet?

A – We practically met on the Flight to Delhi! But we didn’t know each other at that time. After we were introduced to each other in Chennai we became good friends.

How do you work together?

L – Abhishek’s team provides the input for our monthly reporting, and this becomes the base for us to do our commentaries for senior stakeholders. We give them our constant feedback on the accuracy and completeness of each deliverable.

What's been your greatest achievement while working together?

L – Pulling up critical reports, which were due urgently, during a time of organizational structure changes. We made it in time.

A – Forming a bond which extends to a family friendship level. Also, brainstorming solutions for multiple reporting issues within our monthly deliverables.

How would you describe each other in two words?

L – "Like-minded and Like-hearted!"

A – Sharp and Supportive.

What’s the most interesting thing about each other which we wouldn’t learn from your resumes alone?

L – His dedication in getting into the depths of numbers and reports. Also, that amazing cracker of a laugh. No one will get to know that from his resume.

A – Photography. He is a good chap in this field.

What hobbies do they have outside of work?

L – His motorcycle and his kids.

A – Trips, photography, drives, and sudden plans to call me at any random time and ask for an outing.

If they weren't working at UBS, what job do you think they’d be great at?

L – Stand-up comedian.

A – He’d be in his mango orchards. Or even behind the lens and selling his creative work.

Lokesh, what’s the one thing Abhishek can't do without?

L – His mobile. He is a byproduct of his phone!

Abhishek, where do you see Lokesh in ten years?

A – Holding babies actually, ha ha, and also in higher ranks wherever he proceeds with his career.

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning and come to work?

L – For me, it's all about managing the workload and keeping the morale high whenever my team of six members needs me.

A – My energetic team and the reports lined up for the day.

Finally, tell us the three things you love most about working at UBS?

L – The environment, the flexi-culture and a good career development platform.

A – The culture, professionalism across the organization and leadership.

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