Let us see what she finds most exciting about her job.

Can you briefly describe your job?

I am an infrastructure portfolio manager and together with teams based in Europe, the US and APAC, we originate, acquire and manage investments. To date, we have invested in (and managed) assets such as regulated water, contracted power and telecom towers. In my role, I also oversee client relationships as well as the team in London.

What attracted you to UBS as an employee?

In 2000, I was seconded to UBS's infrastructure advisory team in the Investment Bank. During my time there, I worked with a high-calibre team on really exciting opportunities. I was also exposed to the firm's culture and its role in the community, particularly in east London. UBS’s principles, the quality of the work as well as the global strength of its brand, all played a role in my decision to stay.

What is the most exciting part of your job?

The most exciting part is working with the teams who manage the assets we have invested in. When we acquire assets, we work with the management, the board and co-shareholders to deliver on the business plan. This is also the most tangible aspect of my job; I get to meet and work with very talented and experienced individuals.

If you could make one change to our firm today, what would it be?

Post financial crisis, UBS had understandably concentrated its attention on risk, regulation and compliance. As a client-facing employee, this can sometimes feel restrictive, but the current “We are all risk managers” campaign is very good at making it more personal, increasing awareness and employee accountability. I would like to see more of this.

In one word, how would your colleagues and friends describe you?

Can I have two? Pragmatic and tenacious.

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