Agnes shares her insights from the UBS Wealth Management Masters program.

My journey in wealth management started 24 years ago. The industry was a lot different back then - a lot less competitive. With the booming bull market and clients being less demanding, it felt like an easy time to be in the industry. However, since the global financial crisis, the landscape has changed drastically and we face a lot of new challenges today.

Nowadays, clients can use fintech solutions for some parts of their investment portfolios. However, this will only provide simple advice. Clients will still need to reach out to bankers for more detailed guidance and this is how we are still able to win their trust.

For me, having the opportunity to participate in the Wealth Management Master program has helped broaden my mind and enabled me to think from a more diverse perspective. I can see how the industry has evolved, and how we at UBS have the responsibility to take on new challenges head on, and to do what's right for our clients. The Master program has helped me think from a more holistic and client-centric angle, and how to deliver solutions to our clients more efficiently.

On a more personal note, I was able to meet a number of very inspirational colleagues from across UBS, which has been a humbling experience and has made me especially proud to be part of this firm.

What is the Wealth Management Masters program?

The Wealth Management Masters program is designed to strengthen the role of senior client-facing employees by helping them increase their business impact and better meet client expectations.

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