See what she enjoyed about Helen summer internship.

"Stimulating, personable, unique, and unforgettable." These are the words Helen uses to describe her summer internship with UBS Asset Management in New York. Read more on her experience, her favorite projects, and advice she'd give to someone joining an internship program for the first time.

What memories do you have about your first day at UBS?

As with any first day, I was definitely quite nervous. Once I was acquainted with my team, however, all those feelings dissipated. I can recall everyone sharing stories from their previous weekends, which made me feel like I had been working there for months. Someone always took time to make sure I was okay, and those efforts really allowed me to hit the ground running with my work and have early success.

What team did you join and what kind of work did you do?

I interned for the client coverage and sales team, primarily working on bespoke investor materials. I collaborated with my managers to help produce content that thoroughly explained many of our new products in a digestible format. Being a part of that team was great because I was truly able to experience UBS’s global presence by working for clients based all around the world.

What was the most exciting project you worked on?

One of the most exiting projects I contributed to required us to construct a hypothetical portfolio for our managers (given certain preferences and parameters). I was able to learn a great deal about the various strategies within the firm, and got very close to the other interns while doing so. Our project concluded in a presentation to many of the members of hedge fund solutions. It meant so much to have the support of everyone in the office.

Was the culture what you expected?

Prior to my experience at UBS, I thought it was going to be very intense and intimidating. Within the first couple of weeks, however, I knew that was not the case. The culture is very inviting, with everyone willing to answer questions or show you what they are working on. It made it very easy to learn about the different parts of the firm. I even got the chance to do some work for the legal team just because I mentioned I was interested!

What was your favorite part about your internship?

Definitely the people, especially my fellow interns. We became close early in the program and each morning I looked forward to joining my friends at work. Being from all over the country, we each brought something unique to the group dynamic, which really made working with them so special.

If you had to pick one thing that sets UBS apart from the competition, what would it be?

I firmly believe that UBS’s culture and attitude towards its employees is the main competitive advantage it has over other companies. There is a true sense of comradery, where everyone wants others to do their best. Through past experiences in the financial industry, I discovered that altruism is a rare thing to find, but I feel thankful that I found it here.

Knowing what you do now about your internship, what advice would you have given to yourself?

Don’t be afraid to approach other employees within the firm. It can always be daunting to go up to someone more senior and introduce yourself, but everyone is happy to help. I'd also say speak up with your questions, even the ones that could seem simple. As an intern, your first priority is to learn about the firm, and I wouldn’t want someone to miss out by being shy.

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