Meet our recruiters Jaclyn, Asher, Ryan and Maggie (in order from left to right)

The dos and don’ts of landing a placement

Applications, interviews, follow ups. Navigating the recruiting process to land a summer internship or a spot in our Graduate Talent Program (GTP) can be a lot to handle. But it doesn't have to be. You're not alone - we're right there with you! Some of our best recruiters put together their top dos and don'ts to help you succeed.


  • Take full advantage of your career services office. Have them review your resume and sign up for mock interviews. This is an incredible resource right on campus! – Asher
  • Visit the UBS careers website to learn all you can about the firm and our available roles. This can help you prepare questions ahead of any conversations or interviews. – Ryan
  • Attend on-campus events to meet our team in person. You’ll get a sense of our culture and it also shows us that you're interested. – Maggie
  • Don’t be afraid to show us your personality – diversity in all aspects is important in our recruiting process. – Maggie
  • Utilize any connections you already have at UBS. Reaching out to GTP alumni or employees you know can be great ways to learn more about us and help you prepare for the recruiting process. – Jaclyn
  • Know how you want to convey your experiences. Always back up any questions with examples from your past internships, campus activities, community service, group projects, etc. – Jaclyn
  • Read the news and stay up to date on current events. Your interviewers will want to see that you are aware of market trends and have a keen interest in this industry. – Asher
  • Send a thank you note to your interviewers, reinforcing your interest in the role – but make sure it's personalized! An easy way to do this is to highlight a topic you discussed in your conversation or an interest you both shared. – Ryan


  • Don't be shy! Ask questions when you have them about the recruiting process, our firm, specific roles, etc. We're here to help! – Ryan
  • Don’t value quantity over quality. Be strategic about the number of applications you submit to us (check out our website for more info on how to apply). This way, when it comes time to interview you can clearly convey why you're interested in that specific role. – Ryan
  • Don't worry if you don't receive an update immediately after you submit your application. We're working to get back to you. – Asher
  • Don’t forget that it's okay to take a breath! It's better to pause if you need a moment in an interview to think through your answer (Instead of using filler words like, um, you know, etc.). –Jaclyn
  • Don't feel like you need to have an answer for everything. It's okay to admit if you aren’t familiar with the topic or haven’t experienced a specific situation. A great way to respond to this is to research the question after the interview and follow up with an answer in your thank you note. – Jaclyn
  • Don't forget that honesty is always the best policy. It's best not to overpromise during the interview process. We want you to be as transparent as possible. It's good for us to know where you stand so we can answer any questions you have (and vice versa). – Maggie

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