We found out what a typical day in her internship is like.

We chatted with Debby, who joined us for a 10 week summer internship in Zurich. She was working in Wealth Management, recruiting for Europe and emerging markets.

What can I expect as a Summer Intern?

Honestly, my initial thought was that the internship "only" lasts for 10 weeks, and it's impossible to expect much development in that timeframe, right?

I was consistently astonished by the program. I look back and realize how much I accomplished within a short amount of time. UBS treats all their interns as talents of the future. In total there were 28 interns in Switzerland, stretching across different locations and business areas. The set-up was truly diverse.

What was the program like?

From onboarding to saying goodbye, the program included frequent events and networking opportunities with fellow interns. Coupled with presentations from different business areas, it gave us an opportunity to be closer to the business and gain insight into unexplored areas.

How was the experience within the team?

I was in a very dynamic and welcoming team. Everyone tried to involve me in their projects so that I could gain useful experience. My advice is to always be proactive and try to absorb as much knowledge as possible. After all, we’re all here to learn and become better versions of ourselves.

What was a typical day like for you?

07:50 My own internship offered flexible working times. I like to come in a bit early so that I can also leave a little earlier.

08:00 I started on my typical work tasks. This included screening job applications, assisting on ad-hoc issues like work permits or job postings, and any other recruiting-related projects.

10:00 A cup of coffee a day keeps the doctor away (…or was it an apple?). The kitchens are well equipped with a fridge, snacks and - most importantly - a coffee machine!

11:00 It’s time for the biweekly team meeting, discussing ongoing topics within recruiting and individual updates from each team member.

12:00 Lunch time. A chance to enjoy the sun and a nutritious Greek salad.

13:00 All the Mid-Summer Internship Program participants got together and shared presentations regarding our work and experiences so far.

15:00 I attended a project meeting for the Wealth Management organization on developing our future managers.

16:00 My work day ended with a celebration for our colleague Stephan, who celebrated 30 years with UBS. Congratulations!

17:00 We enjoyed a team event (with a treasure hunt) in beautiful Zurich, before ending with a dinner.

Debby in a nutshell

Debby is currently pursuing her Bachelor's degree in International Management at a university in the greater Zurich area.

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