On the move: From research to derivative

Tatsuya describes the benefits and challenges of internal mobility.

by Tatsuya, Investment Bank, Tokyo 17 Nov 2016

Interview with Tatsuya

Previous role:

Equity Research Analyst, Global Research team

Current role:

Marketer, Equity Structured Products, Equities

Why did you decide to switch roles?

I had a fleeting thought when my current line manager mentioned a role they were looking to fill, “Oh, that sounds interesting.” Following several discussions with him, my initial decision was to remain in my research role. However, after much consideration, and despite the goals I had as a research analyst and the uncertainties of a new role, I decided to move. I felt it was not every day that an opportunity like this would present itself, and I wanted to rise to the challenges this new role would bring.



How different is your current role compared to your previous one?

The speed at which you have to work through various tasks is different from research. Being a marketer requires quick and accurate responses to clients in a constantly shifting market, whereas being a researcher requires persistence and thoroughness on long-term projects. It is exciting to see the results of my work right away in terms of realized revenue.

I have also obtained a wider range of knowledge and experience after joining this team. When I was in research, I was in charge of the Japanese internet and gaming sector. Now, I deal with a wide variety of derivative products across regions, even including foreign exchange (FX) and commodity-related instruments. It is challenging to cover all this, but I love learning new things every day.

Lastly, one great thing about derivatives is their flexibility. Our mission is to deliver custom-made solutions that meet client demands and are in line with their investment policies and market views. Needless to say, each investor has a variety of market views and complexities in his or her strategy. I see my role as offering the most appropriate derivative product at the right time to meet an investor's needs, using the analytical skills I developed when I was in research.





How do you manage an internal move?

While there are many things to be gained from moving, you will inevitably give up some things too. I was passionate about my role as an equity research analyst, and I really enjoyed working with my senior manager to enhance the UBS brand. Having said this, I was finally drawn to the new role by the challenge it provided, and the fact that this was an opportunity that may never come my way again. After making my decision, I had many conversations with my senior manager.

To this day, I am still not sure whether he fully agreed with my decision. But he respected my decision and I am deeply thankful for the kind sendoff he gave me. I believe that the biggest token of appreciation I can give him is to have him think I made a good move when he sees what I am contributing to the new role and the business.



What's the best part about moving roles?

I do not believe that changing roles is easy, but it can be very rewarding if well executed. In my opinion, successfully changing roles relies largely on one's motivation for moving. In my case, my success has been largely thanks to the commitment I have put into the move. I'm sure there was more I could have learned by continuing my original role, but the most important thing for me was to create more options in my career – not just moving for a change of scenery. The financial industry is moving quickly. We need to be prepared for the future by keeping a wide range of options open in our careers, and by always communicating our goals with bosses and colleagues.



What tips would you give colleagues from your mobility experience?

I have found that the main way to earn opportunities is simple -just do your best at your current job. People around you will recognize your performance, even if you are not directly working together. Continually do your best for your client, for your team, and for yourself, and you will be amazed at how many doors can open for you.