Help us drive sustainable shareholder value by optimizing, safeguarding and controlling our firm's financial resources.

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Taking responsibility

The better we understand the business and our clients, the more we can help inform the firm's strategy.

Together we manage the firm's tax affairs, control liquidity and funding risks, and coordinate our financial planning processes. Our accounting and control activities provide financial transparency across our businesses and enable us to advise senior management on financial decisions.

Playing our part

What role does Finance play within UBS?

We drive shareholder value by optimizing and controlling financial resources through our reporting, analysis, insights and challenge, and through our close partnership with business partners and stakeholders. We also work to increase the firm's effectiveness and efficiency by continuously simplifying and optimizing our organization, processes and service offerings.

Know more about the role

What are we looking out for?

We want students who show a keen interest in UBS and our industry. You’ll also understand the importance of managing finances accurately, showcasing efficiencies and you’re not afraid to highlight what’s not working well. You’ll also be a forward-thinker, exploring where we need to invest in more resources to stay ahead of the game. UBS is a great place to work, and we want people who see challenges as opportunities and have a desire to grow and develop.

What can I do to stand out?

Being prepared for every step of the application process will really help you shine. Think about the role you're are applying for, what genuinely interests you, and what you can bring to the table. Be ready to talk about where your current skills fit in, but also where you can develop and what you want to learn in the role. Read up about us online, reach out to your network, and attend industry events. And lastly, be yourself – a diversity of backgrounds, skills, experiences and mindsets is key to how we work at UBS. We are looking for people who will share our common purpose but use their unique skills and experiences to help us reach our goals in different ways.

What support will I receive?

Everyone who joins UBS will be given a combination of on-the-job training and formal training. When you join you will be assigned a mentor or buddy depending on the program. Your line manager will take an active role in your career progression and development.

Everything you need to succeed

Your development starts the moment you arrive. From Day One, you’ll benefit from a mixture of on-the-job and formal training, with a line manager who’ll take an active role in your career progression and development. And, depending on your program, we’ll also match you with a mentor or buddy to help you on your way.

A few extra things to remember

Preparation is key – candidates who stand out are always prepared. Ask questions. We love talking about our roles and why UBS is a great place to work. So, don’t be shy.

Hear from our people

The main aim of Finance is to complete the financial statements of UBS on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. My specific area looks at the RWA reporting within these financial statements. The people at UBS are absolutely incredible and are definitely one of my favourite things about working at UBS. I also really enjoy my role because there is always so much to learn and get involved in outside of my normal day to day role.

Rachel, Apprenticeship Program Finance

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