Risk Control

Our scope is wide: from dealing with traditional banking risks, to the natural risks that come with running a business.

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Monitor and challenge UBS’ risk taking

Taking risks is more than taking chances.

Our Risk Control team is a control function that enables the firm’s strategy through providing independent oversight and challenge of financial risks arising from the firm's business activities. We set the boundaries ensuring we make informed decisions and manage risks that ultimately help the firm maintain confidence and protect our reputation. We ensure that controls are not seen to be limiting, but instead, allow us to deliver on the ambitions of our clients and business divisions.

Playing our part

What role does Risk Control play within UBS?

Our scope covers a wide spectrum of financial risks that come with running a business. We provide solutions to client advisors, develop and assess risk models, simulate stress scenarios, monitor risk limits, and provide reporting and analysis of risks to senior management and the Board of Directors.

A typical day

How stakeholder and risk management go hand-in-hand?

As risk control specialists, the first step in our job is to understand how we can align stakeholder objectives with ours. Once you find that common ground, you’re on the way to finding solutions.

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