With a client base that stretches all over the world, you’ll help us make sure our deals are finished quickly and effectively.

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Connecting the dots

Our clients are at the center of everything we do.

We are experts in how the firm and the markets operate, and provide the crucial link between our clients and the systems and processes that deliver what they need. Faced with strong competition and changing client needs, we work to ensure that UBS's processes are working efficiently, that our services are delivered accurately and on time, every time, and that everything we provide is fit for the future.

Playing our part

What role does Operations play within UBS?

With us, you’ll work closely with our partners in the business divisions to understand how we can best deliver excellence for clients. That may mean driving major transformation to respond to legislative or market change; or it may mean working closely with our operations automation teams and partners in technology to ensure we are leveraging the latest advances in technology, ranging from big data to artificial intelligence. At its heart, it’s all about connecting the dots, to help us to maintain market and competitive edge by re-imagining what we do and how we do it.

Facts and figures

Group Operations provides more than 60 individual services, and works with every UBS business in every product and every market.

We're about 10 percent of the total UBS team and have staff in 60 different cities in 30 different countries. Between us, we speak 90 languages.

Operations was an early adopter of robotic process automation. More than 70 percent of the firm's robots are in our function. Within the last two years, 2,000 of our staff have been trained and are able to run these robots as part of their roles. We've also built up a group of around 350 developers who are designing, building and maintaining robots full-time.

We are the guardians of the firm’s. We’re also responsible for the policies and procedures that keep our data safe, and ensure we meet all our data protection requirements and obligations.

We oversee all post trade execution, and also manage a network of relationships across 80 different global markets, for services such as payments, clearing and settlement, and collateral management.

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