Internal Consulting

As the financial industry continues to evolve, you will help us focus on building our consulting capabilities in-house.

Consulting, but different

We build the UBS of the future today by powering change.

We are a passionate team of project management and process transformation experts with a broad range of expertise and skills. We help drive change in all kinds of different areas of the firm by providing first-class services and innovative solutions to our clients including artificial intelligence, cognitive automation, and advanced analytics.

Our team consists of former external consultants, who are highly talented, passionate about our long-term in-house projects and build lasting client relationships within the firm. Our team works in the same way as any consultancy, but being part of the client organization – both consultants and clients are all part of UBS. This is a unique setting that comes with a lot of opportunities.

Playing our part

What role does Internal Consulting play within UBS?

Through cutting-edge program management, consulting, process excellence and digital transformation, we’re committed to making sure that UBS is able to change while staying efficient.

Internal Consulting was designed to combine external experts knowledge with an in-depth understanding of UBS and a firm-wide perspective. By bringing in and helping to develop highly motivated and talented project professionals from the project management field, we’ve made that happen.

Function areas

Management Consulting Practice

As a center of competence for project management, business analysis, transformation and design, we offer the perfect platform to build and develop your project management skills.

Process Transformation Practice

With access to an entire suite of powerful improvement methodologies, our team of highly qualified specialists drive process optimization across all divisions and functions.

Project Management Office Practice

PMO Practice provides portfolio and program management services within UBS change projects, focusing on establishing uniform PMO standards, tools, processes and mission.

Digital Practice

As the digital consulting team for UBS, our reach stretches across the globe. With extensive knowledge and access to emerging technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Cognitive Automation and Blockchain, we work side-by-side to build and deliver digital strategies for the firm.

Hear from our people

Internal Consulting is the UBS transformation powerhouse, providing professional project management and execution, on a global level, with talented and motivated people, at or above the quality of external consultants at competitive rates. We want to build the UBS of the future today by powering change together with our partners.

Andreas Künzler, Managing Director

Facts and Figures

  • We’ve taken on 274 projects this year.
  • Internal Consulting consists of four different practices: management consulting, process transformation, PMO and digital
  • Our global team is currently 600+ employees  strong
  • Internal Consulting is spread across the globe, from the US to Europe, to Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • We have an outstanding learning curriculum in place to train our consultants.
  • One of our mandates is to build an internal talent pool

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