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Citigroup World MM Ind. Ser. - GBP 1 Mth. EUR Dep.


The UBS Currency Allocation Return Strategy ("CARS") is an active currency fund, investing across both developed and emerging market currencies.

The Fund seeks to generate a return of cash +10% p.a., at a long-term expected average risk of around 20%, over a full market cycle (3-5 years).


This fund is a long-short absolute return equity strategy, seeking to exploit short and mid-term stock price anomalies in companies based mainly in Europe with opportunistic investments globally.


MSCI Emerging Markets Index


The fund is an actively managed equity fund investing worldwide in emerging markets, using a disciplined, fundamental investment process based on bottom-up stock selection. The fund seeks to generate long term outperformance of 500+ bps per annum above the MSCI Emerging Markets Index over the course of a typical market cycle (3-5 years).


The Fund uses bottom-up stock picking expertise to aim to deliver equity-like returns with less volatility than equity markets.


The Fund invests globally across sectors, mainly in floating rate, high yield corporate and securitized bonds denominated in various currencies.


The investment objective of the Fund is to combine high total yield and high quality characteristics in a diversified portfolio. The strategy seeks to generate a higher total yield than market average.

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UBS Asset Management offers a wide range of UBS offshore funds in the United Kingdom. Fund Gate provides up-to-date product information about all UBS offshore funds authorised for distribution in the United Kingdom.

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