UBS Targeted Return Fund

Investment objective

The UBS Targeted Return Fund is designed specifically for investors seeking capital growth from a globally diversified portfolio of investments in a risk-efficient manner.

The Fund targets "equity-like" returns with approximately two-thirds of the volatility of an equity portfolio. The portfolio is also looking to achieve a return target of RPI +5-7% p.a. gross of fees over a full market cycle (typically 5-7 years). We are looking to access a broad range of sources of return across the portfolio, with a focus on the experience of investors in periods of drawdown for risky assets in particular.

Investment team

Philip Brides

Portfolio manager
Biography (PDF, 84 KB)

Investment universe

The Fund invests globally across a broad range of traditional and alternative assets in an effort to achieve its objectives. These include developed market equities, emerging market equities, nominal bonds, inflation-linked bonds, corporate bonds, high yield debt and currencies, as well as exposure to alternative risk premia. In general, the Fund will utilise UBS Asset Management’s market-leading capabilities across active, index and exchange traded products, as well as derivatives, to access the desired investment exposures. However the portfolio management team will actively seek out new capabilities or investment exposures as appropriate that help to facilitate the achievement of the Fund’s objectives.

Cost of investment

We recognise that the cost of investment is increasingly a major concern for investors considering multi asset products. Therefore, we will endeavour to ensure that the cost of investment into the Fund for investors in retail share classes will be 0.6%, or lower, on an annual basis, as measured by the Ongoing Charges Figure (OCF) but this cannot be guaranteed at all times.

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