UBS Global Allocation Fund (UK)

Investment objective

The UBS Global Allocation Fund (UK) aims to achieve long-term capital growth through active management of a diversified portfolio invested primarily in domestic and international equities and bonds and in units in UK and overseas regulated collective investment schemes.

The Fund actively allocates its weighting between nine different sub-asset classes in the equity and fixed income areas. This gives the portfolio managers considerable scope when making decisions to focus on those areas where they consider the most attractive return opportunities to be.

  • The Fund's investment process focuses on active asset allocation, security selection and currency strategy and aims to achieve an attractive risk/return profile
  • Globally diversified across seven different equity and fixed income sub-asset classes
  • Weightings of each asset class are continually adjusted in line with the latest market assessments.

Investment team

Alistair Moran

Portfolio manager
Biography (PDF, 63 KB)

Philip Brides

Portfolio manager
Biography (PDF, 84 KB)

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