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Our expertise

Our equity investment specialists offer deep rooted expertise. Operating within small dynamic teams, they provide a range of strategies to meet changing needs of clients. From quantitative to growth to intrinsic value strategies, we have a wide range of solutions aimed at helping you achieve your outcomes in an increasingly changeable and challenging world.

What sets us apart

Global scale and expertise

On the ground teams around the world seek to generate innovative ideas to help meet your investment goals through global, regional and single country strategies across active, passive and thematic strategies.

Trusted partner

We can work proactively with you, connecting you with the right insights, ideas and expertise so you can make informed decisions.

Sustainability is part of our process

We are one of the fastest-growing SI managers globally, integrating SI metrics across our investment strategies to enable you to achieve sustainable outcomes.

Our strategies

Global, regional and single country strategies

Our strategies offer a range of risk and return attributes, managed by independent teams each with their own viewpoints and philosophies, that seek to generate innovative ideas to help meet your investment goals

Sector, thematic and other strategies

Our range of equities strategies cover large, small and mid-cap, themes from growth to intrinsic value to quantitative, long and short, with sustainability built into our investment approach.

Passive and rules-based strategies

Index-tracking investment solutions have been a core competence of UBS Asset Management for over 30 years. We also offer rules- and factor-based strategies.

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do

Our equity strategies have a common ESG integrated approach. In addition we have a wide and growing range of Sustainable Focused strategies.

Concentrated alpha equities

High active share with an integrated ESG approach

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