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China is the second largest economy in the world and offers diverse long-term investment opportunities. While lately it has presented higher risks and volatility, the scale of possibilities on offer may well be compelling for long-term investors looking for returns across various asset classes.

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Equities Mirror image: Will this year prove to be the opposite of 2023 for China equities?

Will this year prove to be the opposite of 2023 for China equities?

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    China has a significant share of the global GDP

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    China has the world’s second largest stock market

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    UBS has a well-established presence in China

Understand the China opportunity

A quick rundown of the ideas and innovation that underpin the China investment case

Dispatches from our China investing team

Watch in-depth views from our team on investment opportunities in China. Find out where alpha is.

    Panorama: China edition

    The China complex

    This special edition of Panorama is dedicated to China and offers a richer way of looking at it from the geopolitical, sustainable, economic and market lenses.

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    Signal or Noise?

    Let us break down data and economic indicators often referenced when investing in China.


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