Our service

Whether you want to grow, protect or pass on your wealth, UBS Wealth Management customized solutions will help achieve your goals. Learn more here.

Our focus is on your success. We leverage on our global resources, strong financial capability and rich market experience to help you achieve your financial goals. We strive to provide you with top-notch financial management plans and world-class consultancy services.

Investment solutions centered around you

We know that every investor has different needs. Naturally, every investor should have a unique investment portfolio. Your advisor will take the time to listen to you and carefully understand your financial goals, before customizing a unique investment strategy just for you.

Leveraging on the strengths of UBSS, we will work with you on achieving your financial goals. Your advisor will regularly review the performance of your investment portfolio with you and make the necessary adjustments based on market changes and development trends.

Portfolio of investment products & services

We have built a suite of investment products and services to achieve your different investment objectives, including:

  • Asset appreciation
  • Asset preservation
  • Revenue generation


Get your desired returns by investing in shares, equity-linked structured products, or equity funds.

Equity funds also include:

  • Stock market underlying funds
  • Customized fund products such as structured funds

We will carry out a full due diligence review, and perform a rigorous qualitative and quantitative analysis tailored to your needs. We will then recommend the best funds that are in line with your investment goals.

Fixed income

Bonds, bond funds, other diversified fixed income and cash management instruments (including monetary funds and fixed income trust products) can provide less volatile and relatively stable yields.

Alternative investments

We strive to provide you with diversified investment choices. Apart from traditional shares and fixed income investment instruments, we will also provide recommendations on alternative investments based on your risk preferences and investment goals, including private equity funds (one-to-many or one-to-one fund).