Only one in ten couples make joint decisions
For women, leaving long-term financial decisions to their husband is fraught with risk.

Many married couples in Switzerland are not equally involved in the long-term financial decisions that affect their common future. Only one in every ten of these financial decisions is made jointly. The UBS Investor Watch Study demonstrates how most decisions are made by just one of the partners – and this is usually the man. The main reason, according to 81 percent of those who said they do not get involved, is the assumption that the man knows more about financial issues.

Gain financial knowledge and get involved in decisions

Women are primarily concerned with short-term finances, for example with the payment of bills and day-to-day expenses. But this focus on the short term is risky because in marriages in which women don’t participate in long-term financial decisions, financial transparency is often lacking. This can lead to surprises, especially in the event of a divorce or death. This makes it all the more important for women to acquire the knowledge they need and to have a say. In addition, 88 percent of women surveyed are less worried about their financial future if they are involved in long-term financial decision-making.

Women’s Wealth Academy

Women who actively participate in financial decisions increase their chances of achieving financial security and are less worried about their future.

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