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Fifty-nine percent of women advise other women to learn about financial topics. Find out why.

26 Aug 2020
Clarity about long-term financial planning reduces worries about financial security.

What advice would divorced women or widows give other women? We asked this question as part of the UBS Investor Watch Study. Fifty-nine percent of widows and divorced women urged women to increase their knowledge about financial matters without delay. Their advice is based on the experiences of many of those who took part in the study.

Why is this statistic important?

The UBS study confirms that delegating financial decisions is risky. Nine out of ten women state that financially they encountered some unpleasant surprises after their divorce or the death of their husband. When it comes to retirement planning, additional financial challenges also come into play. Issues such as higher life expectancy or more frequent career breaks underline the importance of acquiring the necessary financial knowledge at an early stage.

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Women who actively participate in financial decisions increase their chances of achieving financial security and are less worried about their future.

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