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More men currently have a university degree than women. This will change in ten years’ time. What will this mean?

17 Nov 2020

Women already perform better than men in school on average, both in Switzerland and internationally. This is shown in a study by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office. So it is actually surprising that men are more likely to have a university degree or other higher vocational qualification than women. According to the study, women more often choose the path of vocational training after compulsory schooling – despite the fact that they are actually more highly qualified thanks to their better school grades – while men frequently attend a university or university of applied sciences.

But the trend is moving in the other direction. According to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, the proportion of women with a diploma will equal that of men in ten years’ time, and subsequently even exceed it.

Why is this number important?

The level of education has a direct impact on the financial well-being of individuals and entire societies. Studies prove that the higher the degree, the better the average career and earnings prospects OECD 2020.

So will women earn more than men in ten years’ time? This question cannot be answered solely on the basis of the trend in education. The statistics also show that some wage differences cannot be traced back to factors such as education BFS 2020. For example, women in Switzerland earn less on average than men who have had the same education. In addition, the average income level of women is lower due to factors such as part-time work.

These differences are particularly important with regard to long-term financial planning. For example when it comes to pension planning: women often have pension gaps on account of their lower income and more frequent interruptions to their working lives. That’s why it’s worth looking into your own finances today – whatever your level of education.

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