Women's Wealth in figures – Assets Soon every second investment will be sustainable

What does this statistic mean? It means that in five years’ time, every second female investor will be investing sustainably.

Female investors will drive the sustainable investment dynamic in the future.

Today, only 31 percent of female investors own sustainable investments – in five years’ time, it will be every second one. This is the figure revealed by the UBS Investor Watch study. This means that women will be driving the sustainable investment dynamic in future. They have identified the opportunity not only to achieve a return on their investment, but also to do some good.

Why is this statistic important?

Although women recognize the importance of long-term financial decisions, for example in retirement planning, they prefer to focus on short-term finances. The reasons for this are manifold: many women leave investment decisions to their spouse because they believe they know more about them. The trend in sustainable investments suggests that this could change. Because it’s precisely with sustainable investments that personal values and ecological and social aspects are equally important as potential returns.

Women’s Wealth Academy

Women who actively participate in financial decisions increase their chances of achieving financial security and are less worried about their future.

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