Your banking documents are generally available for you to access for an unlimited amount of time in the Safe.


  • You delete individual banking documents and then empty the recycle bin.
  • You delete your entire Safe (via "Preferences" in the Safe).
  • You no longer satisfy the requirements for the use of UBS Safe or for the use of e-documents in the UBS Safe (see Preconditions).
    Your e-banking contract or banking relationship with UBS is terminated.

E-documents are stored in e-banking for no more than two years. Accordingly, when switching to UBS Safe, only those documents that are a maximum of two years old will be transferred. From the time that they are transferred to the Safe, however, these e-documents remain stored for a fundamentally unlimited period of time, much like any new e-document (see above for exceptions).

UBS e-documents always remain accessible on demand for the required statutory period through the normal UBS archive.