Why am I unable to withdraw cash or make payments using my card?

Is it possible that you have used up your monthly or daily limit? You can easily check the amount available using the UBS Mobile Banking app and UBS e-banking.

Via e-Banking

  1. Log on to e-banking and select on «Cards > V PAY / Maestro». This is where you can view your limit and make any changes.

2. Set a new daily or monthly limit by clicking on the edit icon and confirm your changes using the «Save» function.

Via mobile banking

Enter your access details into the Mobile Banking app and open the menu. Click on «Cards» and switch to the «Debit» tab. This is where you can view your current balance and limits, and make any changes.

Please contact our customer service team if you have not used up your limit or balance but are still unable to make a purchase or withdraw cash. You can find our telephone number in the right-hand column.