With your UBS Debit Card, you pay on the Internet using the dynamic 3-D Secure process, the most rigorous international security standard for online card payments

Before the online shopping function can be used, one-time registration for 3-D Secure is required.

Only a few online shops use the correct term “debit card” as a payment method. It may therefore be necessary to select “credit card” as the payment method, even though the payment is processed as a debit card transaction.


  1. Selection of card brand (Visa Debit > Visa and Debit Mastercard > Mastercard)
  2. Entry of card number and expiry date
  3. Entry of CVC

The amount is immediately charged to their account. If, for example, they make a hotel or rental car reservation, the amount is not charged immediately but it is still blocked, i.e., liquidity is restricted. This could mean that monthly bill payments are not executed because of insufficient funds on the account.

Online payments with a UBS Debit Card are made using the dynamic 3-D Secure process, similar to a credit card. This is the most rigorous international security standard for online card payments. The card holder approves payments via the UBS Access App. The stringent proof of identity protects the client’s bank account against fraudulent access. In addition, UBS clients can be notified of recent card transactions via SMS, email and push notifications. For more information about 3-D Secure, go to ubs.com/3DS.

The function for online purchases is deactivated as standard in Digital Banking. To activate 3-D Secure, online purchases must be activated.

To activate online purchases for a debit card, at least one Access App must be registered in Digital Banking, otherwise the online purchases function cannot be activated.