What should I do in the event of a double charge?
What is a reserved amount? 

There are two options available with a definitive double charge:

  • Send us a message via the UBS Mailbox in UBS e-banking, stating the exact details of the transaction.
  • Give us a call so we can take the appropriate steps.

If the double charge amount is still in progress (red text and red clock icon), it is only charged provisionally. You can only query the booking if the amount is charged definitively.

Reserved amounts are provisional bookings and can be higher than the amount actually charged (this may occur, for example, with gas stations, hotel reservations or car hire). This kind of amount is generally reserved for five days. Only the billing amount actually outstanding is definitively charged.

Our customer service team will be happy to answer any other questions you may have. You can find the telephone number in the right-hand column.