The practical UBS Access App replaces the Access Key. Therefore, E-Banking login with the Access Key is no longer possible.

With the Access App, you not only log into Digital Banking quickly and securely but you can also conveniently approve new payment recipients or confirm adjustments to your security settings.

Using the QR code below, you can load the Access App directly onto your smartphone. You can find information about the Access App and how to activate it at

Alternatively, you will also be able to log in with an Access Card and card reader in the future. If you do not have an Access Card or card reader, please contact Digital Banking Support at 0848 848 064 (from outside Switzerland: +41 848 848 064).


You can dispose of Access Keys that are no longer needed in an environmentally friendly way at all UBS branches or official disposal points (e.g. electrical specialty stores). It is also possible to send them back to the following address: UBS Switzerland AG, Disposal, PEZH FLUR4 FNFN-100, P.O. Box, CH-8098 Zurich.