Investing in China

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Our China investment expertise

Whether you are looking into investing in China stocks, China bonds or even for a China multi-asset investment solution, UBS Asset Management can offer you on-the-ground expertise and a broad set of China mutual funds.

China investment topics in focus

China Fixed Income

Now China's onshore fixed income markets are fully accessible, investors benefit from a set of opportunities that bring bond and currency diversification benefits to global portfolios.

China Equities

In our latest webinar on China, Bin Shi, Head of China Equities, talked about why he still has strong conviction in Chinese stocks despite the dramatic downturn last year.

How to invest in China?

Read more about the pros and cons of investing in China further below on this page. If you want to know more about the China investment solutions of UBS Asset Management, details about our China funds' performance, investment objectives, asset allocations, move to our China investment products page.

Latest insights on Chinas equity and fixed income markets