Real estate Switzerland is convinced that optimal performance is only possible through sustainable management in the long term whereby social, economic and environmental criteria is taken into account in our decision making.

We strive to ensure that everything we do benefits future generations.

Daniel Brüllmann
Head of Real Estate Switzerland

At a time of climate change and steadily tightening regulation we see a need for strategically based sustainability management.

Based on the Brundtland definition of sustainability, we organize our activities so we already begin to think about tomorrow in the present time and consider future generations. Sustainability plays a key role in our decision making at a normative, strategic and operational level – regardless of whether in relation to the properties, the funds or the further development of the organization.

Our approach to making a positive impact

With the "Adding Value through Appreciation" approach we can ensure that our funds remain profitable in the future. To do that, economic, social and environmental aspects have to form part of our decision-making process. Sustainability is a key trait of successful real estate management, and by adopting the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals we can make a positive contribution to environment and society.

Wellbeing takes priority

We do everything we can to ensure a high level of satisfaction with our properties by taking the concerns of our tenants seriously. We provide services that add value; improve air, noise and light quality; reduce security-relevant risks; and foster the creation of common areas where people can meet and interact.

Water is a valuable commodity

We reduce water consumption at our properties thanks to low-flow fixtures and install only energy and water-efficient appliances as standard.

Only renewable energies are sustainable

Photovoltaic systems installed on roofs generate power that can be used by our tenants. We implement energy efficiency measures to lower energy consumption and reduce ancillary costs.

Innovations drive us forward

We seize the opportunities and potential offered by new technologies to meet the primary needs of our client groups. We promote new digital communication channels, modern mobility concepts and electronic parcel deposit boxes, while also providing recycling options.

Certificates set standards

We plan and construct all new builds to specific sustainability standards. To do this, we optimize processes, quality and efficiency. In terms of the construction materials we use, we strive to avoid pollutant emissions and achieve high recyclability.

No more fossil fuels

We reduce the CO2 emissions of our properties. Going forwards, only renewable energies will be used in new builds. Existing fossil fuel installations are successively being replaced by renewable energies.

Densify don't sprawl

When developing existing properties we place an emphasis on densification so as to minimize the appropriation of additional space. We take care of near-natural landscaping in order to promote biodiversity and enhance quality of life.

Cultivate partnerships

We need the support of collaborative partnerships to achieve our sustainability targets. With this in mind, we work together closely with existing partners who share our goals and values, while also cultivating new partnerships to deliver additional expertise.

Environmental responsibility

We protect and preserve our environment by acting in a way that is environmentally friendly. Our sustainability strategy concentrates on making careful use of resources and expanding renewable energies. We have already implemented selected projects in this area. We measure our progress using sustainability scorecards and consistent targets out to 2025.

Environmental responsibility

Our sustainability is helping to make our real estate portfolio fit for the future and creating long-term value. We concentrate on good locations, optimized lifecycle costs and building structures that are in long-term demand.

Social responsibility

As a company we impinge on peoples’ lives every day: investors, contractors, tenants and employees. We are therefore particularly aware of our social responsibility.

Meisenweg, Thun (UBS «Anfos»)

Total renovation. Residential building is Minergie P-certified. Biodiversity was awarded by "Naturnahe Umgebungsgestaltung" certificate of "Stiftung Natur und Wirtschaft".

Grossmatte, Lucerne (UBS AST-IS)

Built in accordance with the criteria for a 2000-watt society. Certified with Lucerne’s first 2000-watt label.

Ilôt Sud, Morges
Grossmatte, Lucerne

Video including Ilôt Sud in Morges (UBS «Foncipars») and Grossmatte in Lucerne (UBS AST Real Estate Switzerland)

GRESB is the environmental, social and governance (ESG) benchmark for real assets and provides standardized and validated ESG data to capital markets. Every year GRESB reviews participants’ energy and resource efficiency and sustainability strategy and monitoring measures. GRESB has certified the extraordinary performance of the sustainability strategy of Real Estate Switzerland, which is implemented equally by all eight real estate products.

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Ranked first in peer group Diversified in Switzerland


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Reporting and publications

Real Estate Switzerland breaks new ground in communication on sustainability. Real Estate Switzerland’s comprehensive sustainability report meets the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), a framework for transparent sustainability reporting ( In addition to Real Estate Switzerland's sustainability report from the individual real estate funds also publish detailed fund specific information on the topic of sustainability in their annual reports.

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