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Contacts for distribution partners of UBS Asset Management Switzerland.

Wholesale Client Coverage Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Stefan Richner

Head Wholesale Client Coverage Switzerland
Tel: +41-44-234 26 73

Client Relationship Manager

Mario Cicala

Banks German and Italian-speaking
Tel: +41-44-234 18 11

Michael Hofinger

Banks German-speaking Switzerland and Liechtenstein
Tel: +41-44-236 29 87

Isabelle Spitz

Banks German-speaking Switzerland
Tel: +41-44-237 36 99

Martin Keller

Banks French-speaking Switzerland
Tel: +41-22-375 95 12

André Fischer

Insurance companies and banks Switzerland & Liechtenstein
Tel: +41-44-237 45 37

Louis Perrot

Banks French-speaking Switzerland
Tel: +41-22-375 31 55

Manuel Wernli

Banks German-speaking Switzerland
Tel: +41-44-239 96 30

Stéphan Ollivier

Associate CRM
Tel: +41-22-375 41 02

Your contacts for ETFs

Our experts will be happy to answer your questions. You can call them directly or fill out our contact form.

Raimund Müller

Head of ETF & Index Fund Sales Switzerland & Liechtenstein

Giovanna Cilia

ETF & Index Fund Sales Switzerland & Liechtenstein

Adrian Steiner

ETF & Index Fund Sales Switzerland & Liechtenstein

Emily Massmann

ETF & Index Fund Sales Switzerland & Liechtenstein

Real Estate Switzerland

Dr. Daniel Brüllmann

Head of Real Estate Switzerland

Urs Fäs

Head of Investment Products

Matthias Jäger

Head of Acquisition & Disposition

Nicki M. Weber

Head of Business Development Switzerland and Private Wealth Clients

White Labelling Solutions

Marc Reto Fischer
Head Client Management CH Wholesalers
Stockerstrasse 64, 8098 Zürich

Christian Wehinger
Head Client Management CH Pension Funds

Your contacts for UBS Investment Foundations

For subscriptions and information, please contact your personal client advisor or the management team at UBS Investment Foundations.

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