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We support you with our services and are always very happy to help you. Our goal is to understand you and your needs, and develop appropriate investment solutions – working alongside you. These might include traditional investments, alternative investments and individualized fund services, or complementary offerings like our Fondcenter fund platform.

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Our clients are more than just clients: they’re partners. That is why we take as much time as is needed to help you and answer your questions. Based on our discussions, we’ll come up with appropriate solutions together – and you will benefit from our knowledge, both of the Swiss environment and global challenges.

When you work with us, we’ll put our know-how and our contacts across the world at your disposal. Having representatives around the globe means that we know the right specialists for you and your investments. This way you’ll have direct access to exclusive expertise and investment opportunities.

As one of the largest multi-asset managers with worldwide operations, we offer a comprehensive range of both traditional and alternative investment solutions. Our local 3rd Party Wholesale Team will provide you with comprehensive expert advice about all of our products and investment regions.

The many changes underway and all the new regulations pose a major challenge to all investors. That is why we analyze emerging investment trends on a regular basis and constantly adjust our product range accordingly. With our know-how, you can be certain that your investment decision rests on a solid foundation.

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"You have come to the right place for all questions related to Asset Management. Together we will find the right solutions for your challenges."

André Tomasini, Head of 3rd Party Wholesale Switzerland and Liechtenstein, UBS Asset Management Switzerland

Comprehensive service for our partners

3rd Party Wholesale

Advice, strategies, solutions

Banks, insurance companies and independent asset managers both want and need to generate convincing results for their clients. Our 3rd Party Wholesale Team will provide you with promising strategies for any environment. We also develop tailored investment solutions for you and your clients, and will be happy to provide individualized advice on request.


Best-in-class fund platform

The UBS Fondcenter is one of Europe's most important fund platforms, linking over 240 sales partners in Switzerland, Europe and Asia with 335 fund providers. The investment universe has over 50,000 funds and share classes to choose from, and is continuously adapting to emerging trends. We draw on a wealth of experience when it comes to regulatory requirements, decentralized legal relations and settlement processes, so can support you during both the advisory and selection phases with our innovative and user-friendly applications.

Fund Management Services

Individual fund solutions

For more than 20 years, we have been structuring, launching and administering a wide variety of investment funds for banks, regulated asset managers and insurance companies. We will support you from the initiation of the project to demonstrate your investment expertise by distributing tailor-made and efficient white label solutions,. We will coordinate the entire project allowing you to draw on our extensive knowledge experience in many products, such as Swiss investment funds, European UCITS and AIF - including SICAV and SIF structures. We thus ensure you operate the fund solutions of your choice, allowing you to concentrate on investment execution and distribution activities.

Strategies in Focus

Never before have investors faced such daunting challenges. Finding the right answers can be taxing. We’ve defined five relevant investment themes and assigned a few of our investment solutions to each of them to make it easier for you to overcome these challenges.

Opportunities in emerging markets

Opportunities in emerging markets

Are emerging markets vulnerable to US and developed world central bank policy, or are they backed by sufficiently powerful secular forces to suggest that the benign environment of the past year may only be the start of a longer-term positive trend, underpinned by strengthening commodity prices and stabilizing global growth?

Low yield

Low yield

Low yields have presented a significant challenge to investors for a number of years. Outside the US, global growth and inflation expectations remain stuck at low levels and a large number of benchmark government bond yields remain in only slightly positive territory.

Navigating disruptive markets

Navigating disruptive markets

For much of the seven years following the financial crisis, risk-adjusted returns across asset classes were exceptionally high in a long-term historical context. Accommodative monetary policies provided a permanent tailwind. However, the lowerfor-longer environment created global uncertainty, which we expect to sporadically, rather than permanently, cause higher market volatility going forward.

Sustainable investing

Sustainable investing

Sustainable investing has evolved from screening out objectionable investments to a modern approach which seeks to create excess returns by investing in attractively valued companies seen as leaders in their field. Sustainable companies achieve this by proactively creating shared value not only with their shareholders and customers, but often with their employees and the broader society too.

Since US President-Elect Donald Trump’s election, investors worldwide have been pre-occupied by his plans. Clients have been interested in understanding what the impact of the new US administration’s agenda would be, on financial markets. The announced tax cuts and the government’s economic stimulus measures will no doubt alter the market environment. What impact will this have on both the developed and emerging markets?

In this edition, we also provide you our assessments of the key investment categories in the still-new investment year 2017. We are confident that we can put our global expertise to use in helping you find the solutions to your challenges.

Knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied

Research is an integral part of our investment processes. Our investment specialists are networked worldwide and active in 22 countries. They share their expertise and insights with you so that you can make informed decisions.