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Ombudsman's office

Ensuring the satisfaction of our clients is our priority. Should we fail to fully meet your expectations, please contact us, so that we can find a way to resolve the issue together. If we are still unable to resolve the issue, you can contact the OFD, a neutral and inexpensive or free information and mediation office. As a general rule, the ombudsman only intervenes after UBS Asset Management received and responded to a written client complaint.

Verein Ombudsstelle
Finanzdienstleister (OFD)
Bleicherweg 10
CH-8002 Zürich
Phone +41 (0)44 562 05 25

Clients serviced by UBS Asset Management

Please note that UBS Asset Management does not render financial services to retail clients. If you wish to change your existing status to retail, then please contact your client relationship manager as we will either need to terminate your contract, or would be happy to assist you with transferring to an alternative provider of your choice including, but not limited to, UBS Wealth Management.

Complaints handling

UBS Asset Management takes complaints seriously. Upon receipt of a complaint, we ensure that it is properly investigated and treated fairly. Primarily, we ask you to raise your complaint directly with your UBS contact, Client Relationship Manager or Client Advisor.

An acknowledgement will be sent to you promptly upon receipt of your complaint and you will be kept up to date with the progress of your query.

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