Our Services

We offer innovative solutions, made possible by a unique combination of local knowledge and global reach. 

We cultivate our roots, which combine local reach and knowledge with global presence, highlighting the commitment we make with our clients, partners, shareholders, and the market.

Global Banking

We connect Brazilian companies with the capital markets of five continents, making it possible to tap the resources necessary for project finance.

For each objective there is a matching solution. Acting as a partner with our business clients, we share our experience through consultations, detailed knowledge of various economic segments, and agile execution of financial operations, all while connecting our clients with international capital market investors.

In order to contribute to the sustainable development of businesses, we are active in the following areas:

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

We act as advisors in operations including mergers, acquisitions, and private equity placements.

Equity Capital Markets (ECM)

We develop innovative solutions for funding, structuring, and coordinating financial operations. We also facilitate access for investors in markets from a variety of different countries.

Debt Capital Markets (DCM)

We seek out opportunities for financing via both local and offshore issuance, structuring and executing operations to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Global Markets

We offer our clients access to state-of-the-art technologies and electronic platforms.

Our desk operations handle an enormous volume of financial transactions every day. We act as intermediaries in the buying and selling of financial market assets, and in the execution of financial transaction orders for our clients. We are leaders when it comes to markets for stocks and futures, assisting our institutional clients in the Brazilian Stock Exchanges B3– Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão.

Our objective is to exceed the expectations of our clients. To do this, we offer economic and financial consulting services by highly qualified professionals as a way to aid clients in making the right decisions within the scope of their investment objectives.

We are active in the following markets:

Commodities: Sugar, livestock, coffee, ethanol, corn, gold, and soybean complex.

Interest Rates: DI1, OC1, including futures and options.

Currencies: All currencies and options listed on the B3 Financial Exchange.

Fixed-Income: Government and Corporate Bonds, including both primary and secondary markets.

Variable-Income: Stocks, BDRs, CEPACs, ETFs, the Bovespa Index and Options. We are also active in primary issuance with the support of our Global Banking team, which structures initial public and private offers.


Decisions based on the best global investment analysis available.

Our clients can count on a global team in the analysis of their investment needs. Our Research Department is segregated from business units, in order to assure complete objectivity in its evaluations, and can rely on more than 600 professionals, based in 30 different locations and developing investment analyses for a variety of instruments covering a wide range of asset classes. Coverage includes more than 3,400 companies worldwide, or about 85% of global market capitalization spread over 54 exchanges.

This structure allows us to furnish a unique perspective when it comes to stocks, whole industries, economies, and markets, taking into consideration the specific conditions pertaining to each region but all the while within a global context. We can also count on specialists in quantitative analysis, sustainable investment, valuations, and accounting.

Another differential comes through Evidence Lab, an area of specialized research based on primary data covering 45 different variables and bringing together methods such as game theory and geo-visualization and including studies such as climate and field research, resulting in intelligence that is unique for our clientele.. Such highly differentiated analysis is responsible for the fact that UBS Research was chosen Number One in Global Research by Institutional Investor for four straight years (2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020).

In November 2019, UBS and Banco do Brasil signed a binding agreement to furnish investment banking and institutional brokerage services in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, and Paraguay.

Following all necessary regulatory approvals, UBS BB Investment Bank was inaugurated in September 2020, kicking off a plan to establish a leading entity in investment banking and institutional brokerage services in the region.