Our Differentials

Fortresses that complement each other. That is what makes UBS BB a unique investment bank.

We cultivate our roots, which combine local reach and knowledge with global presence, highlighting the commitment we make with our clients, partners, shareholders, and the market.

Local Expertise

Client Knowledge. A bank that is the client’s partner, a proximity built on a foundation of confidence and a straightforward style of doing business.

Long-term commercial relationships. A solid record of support for growth among Brazilian companies. 

Ability to initiate operations. An ample relationship network, one which allows for a broad array of business and financial solutions to match the challenges faced by our clients. 

Recognized activity in both fixed- and variable-income markets. A notable track record when it comes to financial operations of all kinds.

Global Reach

Leadership. We can count on the experience and long tradition of UBS, recognized for its global leadership in the stocks and derivatives markets.
Agile and Reliable. Our pioneering technology and solid IT infrastructure contribute to integrated systems able to rapidly execute trades. We can also count on robust contingency structures in order to guarantee continuity in our operations even in the face of emergencies. 

Global distribution capacity. Ample access to investors and clients both locally and globally. 

Relationships. We promote events designed to facilitate contact between our clients and well known business figures and market specialists, in Brazil and abroad. Called Corporate Access, such events favor the exchange of views and information, generating knowledge our clients can use in making decisions. 

Global intelligence. A solid structure for Global Research, promoting unique, differentiated, and innovative solutions.

In November 2019, UBS and Banco do Brasil signed a binding agreement to furnish investment banking and institutional brokerage services in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, and Paraguay.

Following all necessary regulatory approvals, UBS BB Investment Bank was inaugurated in September 2020, kicking off a plan to establish a leading entity in investment banking and institutional brokerage services in the region.