About UBS BB

The union of two forces that complement each other

We cultivate our roots, which combine local reach and knowledge with global presence, highlighting the commitment we make with our clients, partners, shareholders, and the market.

We are unique among investment banks, having emerging from the union of two forces that complement one another: the global reach of UBS, which includes the chief financial centers of the world, and the local experience of the Banco do Brasil, with branches in 99% of Brazil’s municipalities. Together, we unite solid experience and local knowledge with a capacity to open doors to international markets, which gives us an unparalleled position among the leading institutions of the financial industry.

Our aim is to ignite sustainable business growth. As a consequence, clients who come to this new bank will find innovative solutions, experience in development and execution of financial operations, and a connection with international markets. 

As a private investment bank, we advise companies on how to raise funds, on the development of projects and on value creation. We act as a Global Banker, offering financial solutions that meet the objectives of our business clients, and we act as a Global Marketplace, helping our clients to reach the best possible investment decisions.

In November 2019, UBS and Banco do Brasil signed a binding agreement to furnish investment banking and institutional brokerage services in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, and Paraguay.

Following all necessary regulatory approvals, UBS BB Investment Bank was inaugurated in September 2020, kicking off a plan to establish a leading entity in investment banking and institutional brokerage services in the region.