Ombudsman’s Office

CMN Resolution 4.860/2020

Acting impartially and independently, the Ombudsman Service is a direct communication channel with the mission of intervening in favor of clients.

The Ombudsman Service is responsible for receiving, recording, analyzing, instructing and answering consultations, suggestions, claims, critiques, compliments and denunciations from clients on product and service related activities of the UBS in Brazil, which were not satisfactorily resolved by the usual channels of the institution.

How does the Service work?

To enable the Ombudsman to answer a call, the client/user must inform: name, tax enrollment (CPF) number, contact (telephone and e-mail address) and the reason for using this channel.

The Ombudsman Service receives the client/user request on the services rendered by the institution.

Upon submitting the request to the Ombudsman Service, the client/user receives a registration number, to follow up on the request.

All requests will be solved within a maximum period of 10 business days.

In cases allowed by law and in the event of impossibility to meet the demand within the maximum period of 15 days, the Ombudsman Service will get in touch with the requestor and inform the measures already taken and the new term for a final reply, which may not exceed an additional 15-day period as of the communication date.

All requests sent to the Ombudsman Service will be answered completely and precisely in accordance with their receiving order, except in the cases of priority treatment as a result of legal provisions, rules or UBS internal decision.

When the responsibility for the request is of an institution not integrating the UBS group in Brazil, the Ombudsman will inform the client/user and, whenever possible, will give directions on the competent institution for rendering the required clarification.

Ombudsman Service Call Channels:

  • Filling the form below;
  • Sending the correspondence to:
    Ouvidoria UBS Brasil
    Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 4440 – 7º andar
    04538-132 - São Paulo - SP
  • Enter the request through a voice recording system by phone number 0800-940-0266

Attendance Hours

From 9:00 am to 6:00 pm from Mondays through Fridays (working days only)


In November 2019, UBS and Banco do Brasil signed a binding agreement to furnish investment banking and institutional brokerage services in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, and Paraguay.

Following all necessary regulatory approvals, UBS BB Investment Bank was inaugurated in September 2020, kicking off a plan to establish a leading entity in investment banking and institutional brokerage services in the region.