Ken Geren, CIO, UBS O'Connor Environmental  Equities Portfolio Manager 

In this short video, Ken Geren, Portfolio Manager of the O’Connor Nineteen77 Environmental Focus Strategy explains why the energy transition presents one of the most compelling investment opportunities he has seen in his professional career.

Key highlights from the video:

  • When we refer to the “energy transition economy”, we’re referring to global decarbonization trend to create a more sustainable global emissions footprint.
  • The focus on decarbonization is a major structural change, which will require, in our estimation one to three trillion USD of cap ex per annum into global supply chains for the next 20-30 years.
  • We expect a growing divergence between companies that will facilitate the transition and evolve their business models to align with a lower carbon future, versus those that are unable to do so.
  • We believe this dispersion will create tremendous investment opportunities for years to come, particularly for long/short investors.

Investing for the energy transition

The transition toward the ‘net zero’ goal of carbon neutrality over the coming decades will not only lead to more sustainable economies, it will also likely create significant winners and losers among business sectors.