About Us

UBS, a leading global financial services firm and its staff have been involved in helping secondary school students throughout ACT, NSW and Victoria for more than 8 years.

UBS holds annual educational academies for a range of secondary students. The academies aim to educate and enlighten students, to develop their knowledge of the challenges and rewards of working in financial services and to improve their understanding of how the financial markets operate.

The UBS HSC Economics Website is an initiative of UBS, assisted by a number of Year 12 Economics teachers: Francis George (The Scots College), Len Nixon (Barker College), Zoe Thompson (Queenwood) and Peter Kennedy (Castle Hill High School). The website endeavors to help Year 12 students meet the demands of the current NSW HSC Syllabus.

The aim of the Website is to supplement classroom learning by utilising interactive user-friendly web based videos (webcasts), research notes and other information provided by UBS professionals and associates using up to date economic and market data.