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Key highlights

  • With change can come great opportunities, but it is going to require asset managers to be more dynamic, more flexible in how they’re thinking about how they allocate capital.
  • How can investors defend their portfolios from a higher inflation environment? What asset classes typically have a more positive correlation with inflation?
  • Are we on the cusp of a structural change in the stock-bond correlation moving from negative to positive?
  • Why should investors consider an allocation to commodities? What about exposure to real assets such as real estate, infrastructure and farmland?
  •  What role can hedge funds play in a higher rate, higher inflation environment?


Mid-year outlook 2022

With inflation reaching multi-decade highs in many parts of the world, how can investors position their portfolios for this changing investment landscape?

About the authors
  • Barry Gill

    Head of Investments

    Barry Gill, Head of Investments at UBS Asset Management since Nov. 2019. Previously, he was Head of Active Equities at UBS AM. Barry joined O'Connor in 2012, overseeing long/short strategy. Prior to that, he led UBS IB's Fundamental Investment Group (Americas). In 2000, Barry relocated to the US, rebuilding Equities' long/short efforts post-O'Connor. He held leadership roles in London, including co-heading Pan-European Sector Trading. Barry started his career as a graduate trainee at SBC in '95.

  • Evan Brown

    Head of Multi-Asset Strategy

    Evan Brown, CFA is Head of Multi-Asset Strategy in the Investment Solutions team at UBS Asset Management. In this role, Evan drives macro research and tactical asset allocation investment process for over USD100 billion in client portfolios. Additionally, he is responsible for advising UBS Asset Management’s global institutional and private wealth client base on the macroeconomic outlook and asset allocation.

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