Fixed income

A global franchise spanning public and private fixed income

Our expertise

A global franchise spanning public and private, active and passive investments. We offer a full range of global, regional and single-country solutions tailored to investor needs, from money markets to high yield, across the risk spectrum.

Niche sector exposures allow a broad range of clients access to our extensive expertise and heritage across debt markets.

What sets us apart

New fixed income

The asset class is evolving and expanding rapidly with new opportunities in securitized, mortgage-backed, working capital, private, real estate and infrastructure debt. We understand these changes and aim to bring them to a broad range of investors through solutions that meet their needs.

Broad range of solutions

Our scale, heritage and global perspective enables us to provide access to a wide range of solutions meeting different client needs.

In-depth expertise

Our heritage and long-standing as fixed income investors means we have dedicated teams with the experience to understand market cycles and constant flux of debt investing.

Our strategies


Strategies across the global fixed income asset class spectrum, including flexible, unconstrained, aggregate, corporate and securitized.

Regional and single-country

US, Emerging markets, high yield, Asia, China, European, Swiss and other regional approaches, and across government and corporate bonds.

Liquidity, indexed and Sustainable

Money market, indexed, Green Social Sustainable Bonds and UN Sustainable Development Goals fixed income offerings.

Focus strategies

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Liquidity and cash management

Money market and low duration solutions from dedicated specialists.

Credit Investments Group

Leading non-investment grade franchise investing in senior loans, high-yield bonds, collateralized loan obligations (CLO) and private credit.

Private credit

Bespoke lending solutions with a focus on corporate lending and asset finance.

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