Switzerland is an island of high prices. Shopping, eating out, going to the movies – the bill can quickly mount up. There are lots of things students simply can't afford. Our series brings you tips on how to get the very best out of life, without emptying your account in the process.

Our first topic is all about looking good. Even if you haven't got much money, you don't necessarily want to go out in rags – or as if you've been rummaging through the low-price clothing chains to put together the cheapest possible outfit. Here are the names of a few places in Switzerland where you can get cool clothes at affordable prices – without leaving your environmental conscience at home.

Zurich: The New New

The best of all worlds for men, women and children: be it your #lifegoal bag from a high-end label, the cool sweater you missed out on at H&M, brand clothing you would otherwise never be able to get hold of in Switzerland, or simply some new Stan Smiths – at New New you will find all these great items at unbeatable prices. Articles are sold by private individuals directly in store in exchange for cash. So you can even sort out your own clothes and take them to the nice women at New New and try your luck as a seller.

Rotbuchstrasse 16
8006 Zurich

Ascona: First and Second

The second-hand concept is not (yet) particularly widespread in Ticino, but this shop is one of the pioneers. The style generally tends to be fairly bling-bling, but with a bit of time and patience, you're bound to unearth some interesting, high-quality items – without frills and sequins.

Via delle Capelle 2
6612 Ascona

Geneva: Vêt’Shop

The Red Cross has opened a new shop right in the heart of the city – which has nothing in common with those on either side of it. Rather than the typical dank smell of a second-hand store, here you will find nothing but well-presented, hand-picked clothing – bargains galore. And you won't just be doing yourself and your wardrobe a favor by shopping here: the sales proceeds are donated to people in need and charity projects.

Rue Lissignol 1-3
1201 Geneva

Berne: Mille Printemps

This store sells items that don't just have one former owner, but sometimes hundreds! In other words, they are well and truly vintage. It's a particularly good address if you're looking for unusual articles and accessories such as belts, bags or scarves.

Mittelstrasse 12
3012 Berne

Basel: 2nd Floor

This shop in Gundeli train station is absolutely tiny, but very well cared for. A lot of attention has been paid to every detail, from the wallpaper to the Biedermeier sofa. Adriana Mariano has put her soul into creating an atmospheric little universe. The only disadvantage: everything is for women.

Güterstrasse 114
4053 Basel

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