Nobel Perspectives Live!

Save the date: New York City. April 24, 2018. Why? We’re bringing four Nobel Laureates in Economics to the Big Apple to discuss and debate questions of today's young generation – the students all over the world.

Feeling uncertain of what the future holds for you? Now is the chance to ask your questions that just can't be googled. With 1000 students live at the event we'll make sure to reserve a digital front row seat for everyone.

The Nobel Perspectives program teams up with Nobel Laureates in Economics to share their prize winning work and insights, and give a glimpse into their lives outside work. Two years after its launch, Nobel Perspectives Live! took this program from a digital platform into a live experience. From Singapore to Shanghai and now with a next stop in New York City, the event tour offers to ask questions to some of today's brightest minds and explore the future together.

Words of wisdom by Nobel Laureates

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It’s very hard to predict which ways technologies go, certain kinds of human capital are going to deteriorate.

Thomas J. Sargent

You can have lots of money, but have very poor health, and think you’re poor.

Sir Angus S. Deaton

Rather than doing things which will make the market less efficient, we should be focusing on the redistribution aspects.

Oliver S. Hart

It’s not just how smart you are, but how perseverant and sociable you are, how much self-control you have.

James J. Heckman

Highlights from past events

These events might be over but luckily we recorded every word. Roam around the pages and enjoy the journey by letting Nobel Laureates help you navigate it.

Nobel Perspectives Live! in Shanghai

Missed our event in Shanghai? No problem.

At our first Nobel Perspectives Live! event this year in Shanghai, Sir Christopher Pissarides, Eric Maskin and Lars Peter Hansen took to the stage and discussed questions from students all over the world.

Watch the highlights

Click here to catch a snapshot of the past Nobel Perspectives Live! event with Sir Christopher Pissarides, Eric Maskin and fellow Laureate Lars Peter Hansen.

In their own words

See what the Nobel Laureates had to say on the day.

The biggest distinction between humans and machines: creativity. We'll always need art. And good football teams.

Sir Christopher A. Pissarides

Climate change is not a problem that is going to to take care of itself.

Eric S. Maskin

There's gonna be some version of cryptocurrency that's going to survive in the long run.

Lars Peter Hansen

Event Snapshot

From technology to the impacts of climate change, the future role of China on the global economy to your very own future. We've created a series of films from the event, make sure to watch all the highlights here.

Impacts of cryptocurrencies in 60 seconds

Emerging technologies in 60 seconds

Highlights from Shanghai

Skills that are future proof

Crossroads in life

China on the fast track

Nobel Perspectives Live! in Singapore

Missed our event in Singapore? No problem.

In August 2017, Nobel Perspectives Live! premiered in Singapore at the Capitol Theatre.

Four Nobel Laureates; Roger Myerson, Peter Diamond, Michael Spence and Robert Merton took to the stage and discussed questions from students all over the world.

Watch the highlights

Click here to catch a snapshot of the past Nobel Perspectives Live! event with Roger Myerson, Peter Diamond, Michael Spence and fellow Laureate Robert Merton.

In their own words

See what the Nobel Laureates had to say on the day.

Should we have a world currency? The central bank must be subject to political supervision - there’s a danger having one emperor in the world.

Roger B. Myerson

When it comes to ethics in robots and AI, the focus is not on the machines, but the interaction between humans and the machines.

Peter A. Diamond

The main beneficiaries of new technologies will be our youth, the people who will suffer are those whose jobs are replaced by machines. To counteract jobs being taken by robots, you need a sense of adventure, and be willing to take risks.

A. Michael Spence

Change is inevitable, technology is accelerating, but it’s what you do with your skills that makes the difference. And we need luck too, but people who work harder, and are better educated, often seem to be luckier. So if you prepare well, when you have a serendipitous event or some good luck, what do you do? You don’t let it go by, you seize it because you’re prepared for it.

Robert C. Merton

60 second snapshot

Catch the highlights and get the Nobel Laureates’ thoughts on the most hotly debated topics from the past event. All in 60 seconds. From automation to artificial intelligence, the future of the economy to education, watch it here.

Highlights from Nobel Perspectives Live!

'Ethics and humanity in AI' in 60 seconds

'Global trends impacting our future' in 60 seconds

'How technology will affect our jobs' in 60 seconds

'The need for a new sociopolitical model' in 60 seconds

'How to regulate the internet' in 60 seconds

'Restructuring our economy for the future' in 60 seconds

'Skills needed for an automated future' in 60 seconds

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