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Giving information in the form of a lecture doesn't work, people seem to need to see it for themselves.

Esther Duflo

In a global, forward-thinking future, knowledge holds the key. That’s why UBS offers you the credible source of information, Nobel Laureates in Economic Sciences, who answer the questions that shape our world. Invest in knowledge, learn from the smartest minds in science, and be better prepared for the future.

Nobel Perspectives by UBS hosts the biggest online database of filmed interviews with Nobel Laureates in Economics. Get to know the Laureates through their detailed profiles, or explore economic views by category within our latest economic questions.

Latest Economic Questions

We've teamed up with more than 50 Nobel Laureates in Economic Sciences, who share their answers to some of the toughest challenges. Whether it's about technological change, global warming or the future of work, the only way to get really good answers is by asking the right questions.

Find questions on environmental economics, finance, society, success and technology through our Latest Economic Questions

Meet the Nobel Laureates in Economics

Economists concern themselves with finding solutions to the biggest questions. How can we fight global poverty? What stops people making good decisions? How can we create a more peaceful world? All too often their work flies below the radar. That's why we ask Nobel Laureates to share their ideas about how to tackle the defining challenges of our time.


From Singapore, Shanghai, New York, London, Hong Kong and Taipei, Nobel Perspectives Live! asks some of the brightest minds to tackle questions that are relevant to the world today.


The Nobel Perspectives podcast delivers insights on the topics, people and places that are shaping the financial environment. Hear from Nobel Laureates in Economics who share their views on everything from climate change, behavioral economics and the tech revolution.

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