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Want to cut through the media noise and get insights from some of the brightest economic thinkers of our time, Nobel Laureates? Find answers to your questions on economics and our society by using our search bar or explore the categories of environmental economics, finance, society, success and technology.

Key economic topics

Can economics combat climate change? Do we need a carbon tax? How can we provide the right incentives for businesses to reduce pollution and introduce greener products? Environmental economists study the challenges of climate change, the benefits of renewable energy and how we can achieve economic sustainability.

Taking your financial situation seriously and learning how to better manage your savings is becoming increasingly important. The Nobel Laureates in Economics address debates related to finance, from impact investing to universal basic income, to the effects of FinTech on the banking sector.

How can we guarantee protection and employment for all? Are there solutions to income inequality? Can economic theories avoid conflict? Nobel Laureates discuss social justice, diversity and the power of economics.

What skills are needed to be successful in life? What is the key to starting a successful business? How can countries support entrepreneurship and innovation? Nobel Laureates talk about business skills you need to master, the best way to a healthy work-life balance and their secret to success.

The tempo of technological change is rapidly increasing, changing the way we live and work. Where’s technology heading? Which countries will become tech leaders? Join when Nobel Laureates explain why it’s important to keep up with change.

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