Nobel Perspectives Exploring the questions that shape our world

Understanding the markets is one thing. But when you’re passionate about economics, and are determined to give your clients the best possible advice and guidance, it makes sense to go the extra mile. That’s why we’ve committed to exploring the lives and careers of Nobel Laureates in economic sciences.

Over the coming months we’ll be releasing a series of exclusive video interviews along with some expert analysis. We hope you get as much enjoyment from watching as we did from putting it all together.

The making of Nobel Perspectives

As a project, Nobel Perspectives first started back in 1985, when German broadcaster Frank Elstner and his friend Dr. Heinrich Walter took it upon themselves to meet as many Nobel Laureates as possible, and to preserve a record of their personalities and insights. Now, 30 years later, we’ve partnered with the original duo, as well as Frank’s son Thomas, to continue the good work.

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